Technical support assistance

When a customer requests technical support, an “open ticket” notification is sent to you. You can respond to this ticket by clicking the link provided in the notification email. If you do not reply within 48 hours, we will send a “ticket inactivity warning” email to both you and the customer reminding both parties to either respond to the ticket or to close it if assistance is no longer needed. After two more days of inactivity, we send another warning. If either you or the customer takes no actions within two more days (6 days total), the ticket is closed by our system (tickets will not close on weekends).

A similar process occurs if you have responded, but no response has come from the customer. If the customer has not responded within 7 business days, we send a warning. If 7 more days transpire (14 days total), the ticket is closed by our system (tickets will not close on weekends). The purpose of these warnings is to prompt both parties to resolve the issue or, if assistance is no longer necessary, close the ticket. If you do not feel you are providing you with adequate support, then please send an email to Email Notifications

tech support

tech support

Ticket emails are sent to your Email Address we have on file, as specified in your account settings. If there is no specific email address you will have to contact us at 248-738-7898 for technical support services.
All ticket emails follow a consistent format that includes a message at the top indicating the reason for the email, followed immediately by the most recent comments. The body of the email contains standard information including a link back to the ticket, with the ticket details, and at the bottom the entire history of comments on the ticket (for reference).

The system will generate the following emails, always sending them to both you and the customer:

  • Open ticket – sent whenever any ticket is opened
  • Reply – sent whenever either party replies (comments) on the ticket
  • Ticket changed – sent whenever the type of the ticket is changed, for example from a refund ticket to a technical support ticket, or vice versa
  • Ticket closed – sent whenever a ticket is closed, so that both parties have the entire history of the ticket for reference purposes
  • Ticket inactivity warnings – sent when a technical support ticket has had no activity for a period of time (time varies depending on who last edited the ticket, you or the customer)