Asset Base Financing

to acquiring the financing you need. Asset-Based-Financing is obtaining financing secured by an asset. Many corporations will use their existing inventory, accounts receivables, machinery and equipment as a form of collateral. If the loan is not paid back you will lose your secured property.

In many cases this form of financing is used as a last resort and is a strong indicator that a company is in desperate need of cash. Companies in need of asset-based financing generally have exhausted traditional means to raise capital or just needs immediate capital to fund a specific project. If your company is in need of this type of financing you should expect to pay much higher interest rates. Optimal Leasing can accommodate your needs under via a strategic funding relationship it has developed. Asset-based features:

  • Interim bridge financing
  • Accounts Receivable financing
  • Factoring of receivables
  • Debt is reported as liability on balance sheet
  • Strict controls on cash flow and disbursement may be imposed
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