Broker Programs


Try our broker program to increase your sales volume. We have the ability to help you get more deals funded. We can also help you open more doors because we are a certified minority base company. If your customers have a diversity program you will be surprise to know they want to talk to you. Because we are interested in finding high powered experienced salesman we have set the bar very high for brokers wanting to represent our company. If you would like to follow through on our Broker Program please feel free to review the program highlights as follows:

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Program Overview

Domestic deals only Favorable Banking Relationship
Application Only Program to $50,000 Vendor Approval
Optimal Leasing LLC docs only Additional Programs
Custom and Structured Programs Sale Lease Back (rated credits only)
Drive by Leasing© Document process Businesses (6 months minimum)
General Credit Criteria Asset Insurance (US Only)
2 years in business (minimum) Credit Programs (for non-startups)
Favorable Credit History

Broker Benefits

  • Get more funding approvals for customers
  • Opportunity to fund startups (Networking and Data Storage equipment preference)
  • Sales stay high when the economy drops off
  • Leases approved for starting at $50k
  • Leases approved usually in 24 hours or less
  • Offer leases with no charge backs
  • Offer leases with no vendor-paid initiation fee

Benefits to Your Customers

  • Get approved usually in 48 hours or less
  • Purchase more equipment
  • Use of other peoples money (OPM)
  • Low fixed monthly payments
  • Acquire equipment without tying up capital
  • Keep existing lines of credit intact
  • Maintain a competitive edge
  • Include delivery and installation costs
  • Realize tax advantages while simplifying accounting

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