What type of equipment do you lease?
Heavy Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Information Technology, Telecom, Data Storage, Construction Equipment, Point of Sale, Printers, Copiers, HVAC, Robotic, Machinery and Plastic Injection Molding Equipment.
What is Drive by Leasing©?
Drive by Leasing© is an automated navigation lease processing system. The system is design to provide an easy to follow lease solution from the beginning Request for Quote stage to the completion of asset delivery and funding of the equipment lease. The system is specific to each user group that accesses the website either for a lease rate factor quote or to qualify for lease funding. Drive by Leasing© was designed and is the copyright property of Optimal Leasing LLC's founder. In the beta version 1.0 users will have complete access to utilize Drive by Leasing© with or without registration. Upon the release of version 2.0 all users will be required to register to take full advantage of this unique navigation tool. In version 2.0 users will be granted complete access to the shopping cart module that will consist of thousands of inventory products available for lease. You will be able to access our shopping cart and select from a list of equipment types that you can use in your business. Select a lease term, enter your pertinent information and digitally sign. Your information is verified and the equipment is shipped within 7 days. No credit checks are necessary. You are responsible to pay all shipping cost in advance and that's it.
How long does it take to get my deal funded?
We can fund rather quickly if all documentation has been executed, signed and received. Once a Notice and Acknowledgment of Acceptance has been signed we typically will fund within 3 days. In special circumstances we can fund in less than three days.
Will you finance a startup company that has been in business less than 6 months?
Yes. We will fund startups if the company has some proven customer traction. In most cases, a personal guarantee will need to be signed but it is not always necessary. It primarily will depend on the type of assets you want to lease. Another way we will fund is by taking direct assignment of a contract with an established company.
What is the interest rate you charge?
We are not a bank. We are a leasing company that purchases the equipment you select. Once you have picked out the equipment you want we will pay the vendor in your behalf and take ownership of the equipment and charge you a rental fee or lease payment on a monthly, semi-annual or yearly rate. The actual APR or running rate implicit in the lease is usually negative if we invest our equity into the equipment.
Will you finance non-technology equipment?
Yes, we will finance furniture and non-technology equipment for qualified lessees. Generally we only finance rated credits that have an S&P or Moody's rating of at least BB or higher.
I would like to own the equipment at the end of the lease, is that possible?
Yes, at the end of the lease you have three options. 1) Return the equipment, 2) Extend the lease and; 3) Purchase the equipment for the Fair Market Value. Put Option Leases are also available.
Are you a certified Minority Business Enterprise?
Yes, Optimal Leasing LLC has been certified through the regional council Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council. Our certification is a nationally recognized certification. You can access a copy of our certification by clicking on the About>MBE Certification tab on the home page.