Drive by leasing©

Optimal Leasing proprietary automated navigation document processing system Release date November 30, 2012

The system is design to provide an easy to follow lease solution from the beginning Request for Quote stage to the completion of asset delivery and funding of the equipment lease. The system is specific to each user group that accesses the website either for a lease rate factor quote or to qualify for lease funding. Drive by Leasing© was designed and is the copyright property of Optimal Leasing LLC's founder. In the beta version 1.0 users will have complete access to utilize Drive by Leasing© with or without registration. Upon the release of version 2.0 all users will be required to register to take full advantage of this unique navigation tool. In version 2.0 users will be granted complete access to the shopping cart module that will consist of thousands of inventory products available for lease. You will be able to access our shopping cart and select from a list of equipment types that you can use in your business. Select a lease term, enter your pertinent information and digitally sign. Your information is verified and the equipment is shipped within 7 days. No credit checks are necessary. You are responsible to pay all shipping cost in advance and that's it.

General Information


Our FAQ feature has been carefully prepared to answer the most common questions we receive on a daily basis. The typical browser may have the tendency to contact us by telephone to find out the answer to questions that are already posted on line. It is our hope that we are able to answer your basic questions with direct and concise answers. While you may have other questions that are not covered through FAQ please do not hesitate to submit your questions through the technical support system. Also, you are encouraged to visit our blog or forums. In many cases, other users may have posted the answer to your question on one of our blogs. This could save you valuable time and enable you to get the answer to your question more quickly.

If you feel you have not received a proper response to your question within a reasonable amount of time feel free to contact our offices at 248-738-2699. We will be more than happy to help. "Think Diversity." Optimal Leasing LLC "discover the better choice"

Lease Application Process

First Things First

Since the meltdown of 2008 the leasing world has changed. Banks have tighten their belts and it's difficult at times to get deals funded. The same is true with many of the leasing companies, they too have tighten their requirements to approve credit transactions. Who can blame them today? There is so much fraud taking place it is necessary to for lending institutions as well as leasing companies need to do their due diligence on each and every credit. One bad deal can eat the profit of 10 good deals. Our Mantra is, if you can't find the time to complete a simple Lease Application then you should not be looking for funding "let alone an approval". Please complete the Lease Application as your first step to getting your deal approved and we will be happy to approve your deal if you qualify.

If you have any questions during the process please do not hesitate to ask. Simply contact us by telephone at (248)738-2699 or send an email to admin@optimalleasingcompany.com.