A Different Perspective

Message from

the founder is:

Title and position means

little to me. A pie can

be cut into many pieces.

All can share if one's

appetite is not too big.

Distribute a piece to

the lowly and your joy

will be immeasurable

flowing over for which no

lid can contain.



Larry D. Robinson
President & CEO

Larry Robinson brings over 38 years of lease financing business experience as founder of Optimal Leasing LLC, including financial advisory and information technology background. As an accomplished entrepreneur his background is centered on two primary principles, honesty and integrity.

He has lead two main diversity organizations dating back to 1978 when he founded the original lessor Minority Business Enterprise R.A.S Financial, Inc., a privately held lease financing organization with a primary focus on information technology.

In the 1990s he formed the corporation's first division organization Renaissance Computer Group (RCG) which produced its owned proprietary computer brand and sold both new and refurbished equipment.

His tenure includes several years as a Board-Level Executive Officer with Gene Detect Laboratories, Hollywood Topics Corporation, Facial Identification Corporation and the Better Business Bureau of Southeastern Michigan.

He has experience in both domestic, international financing platform laws and global initiatives across multiple industry types.

As President & CEO current founder of Optimal Leasing LLC the company (MBE) he is poised to offer the industry the highest level of lease financing services available to multiple diverse businesses. Under the leadership of our founder he has provided lease financing services to fortune 100 companies and startups and is prepared to move performance to the next level.

He is an accomplished entrepreneur with an exceptional track record. He has received multiple awards including Man of the Year. He has been a featured guest speaker for several groups, university students and has appeared on radio and television talk shows. He attended the University of Detroit, and Oakland Community Colleges majoring in professional communications, finance and east asian language.

Larry lives in Michigan with his wife. He is an avid bible reader, and enjoys a variety of different sports. What he champions most is his belief in his creator and being a family man first. Life's experiences have shown him what things are most valuable in life.